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Lance Hood, Coach and Author of:
30 Day Wealth Maps & The Greatest Living Success Coaches

Dear Friend,

Discover what 28 of the greatest success and wealth coaches in the world had to say when I asked them to do one thing. Lay out a map that will help everyone who is listening create more wealth in their lives starting in the next 30 days. Since then I’ve had numerous requests that the recordings and transcripts of the calls be made available again.

That’s why I am offering the recordings AND transcripts of these first 28 training's, for a discounted price…That means you can ensure you’ll have the benefit of ALL of these calls, whether you were able to hear them live or not. Keep reading to find out how.

How Would Your Life Be Different If You Mastered Just One of Theses Recordings? Imagine What All 28 Recordings Can Do For You.

  1. Lisa Jimenez - "How To Conquer Fear"
  2. Dr. John Demartini - "Secrets To Financial Success"
  3. DC Cordova - "When You are A Global Entrepreneur More People Will Give You More Money Faster"
  4. Harrison Klein - "The Most Powerful Wealth Attracting Secret Ever Discovered"
  5. Dr. Andy Fuehl - "How To Have Wealth Without A Job"
  6. Cynthia Kersey - "How To Become Unstoppable"
  7. Les Brown - "Speak Your Way To Unlimited Wealth"
  8. Richeli Goldsborough - "How To Lead A Thrilling Life and The Dark Side Of Success"
  9. Dr. Robert Anthony - How To Use The Power Of Self-Hypnosis To Break Through The Barrier OF Your Mind"
  10. John Assaraf - "The NeuroScience Of Success"
  11. Stephanie Frank - "The Seven Critical Factors To Becoming Wealthy Without Losing Your Mind"
  12. Ed King - "How To Start And Run A Profitable Small Business"
  13. Mark Maupin - "The Fastest, Easiest and FREE way to get your business to rank #1 in Google, MSN and Yahoo and you don't even need a website.
  14. Jim Britt - "Do This Get Rich"
  15. George Antone - "How To Increase your net worth by Hundreds of Thousands to Millions of Dollars with just a few simple tweaks to how you spend money every month"
  16. Darius Barazandeh - "The Intelligent Millionaire"
  17. Dr. Joe Rubino - "The #1 Ingredient To Success And Happiness In Life"
  18. Jeff Smith - "How To Double Your Income And Take One Extra Day Off Per Week"
  19. Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst - "Dr. Suzanne Success Secrets"
  20. Gabby Huguenin - "How to Create Instant Tangible Results in your wealth building"
  21. Anthony Chara - "How To create passive income with apartments with little to no money down"
  22. Gina Gaudio-Graves - "How Anyone Can Use The Internet To Create Wealth And A Legacy"
  23. Kirk Nugent - "Manifest Your Best"
  24. Ann Taylor - "Instantly and Permanently Eliminate Your Mental Blocks to Success, Wealth, and Happiness"
  25. Lisa Jimenez - "The 30 Day Money Makeover System"
  26. Janet Attwood - " The Global Passion Initiative 4 A Passion Based Economy"
  27. Marie Diamond - "Manifest 33% more success, money, health, romance and wisdom in your life"
  28. Charrissa Cawley - "Building Wealth through unconventional Real Estate Investing"

Having the audio recordings and transcripts of this amazing teleseminar always at your fingertips is like attending the world's greatest effortless wealth training seminar over and over again so you can absorb and study every precious piece of training advice you'll receive.

Of course, if you could attend such a seminar "live", it could easily cost you "an arm and a leg" "thousands of dollars" and probably as much to buy the home study version.

The fact is, scheduling an appointment with even just one of these experts would set you back an average of well over a thousand bucks. (I know for certain that all of these coaches charge between $500 to $1,000 or more, for just for one hour!)

But, you won't have to fork over thousands of dollars. Or even hundreds. This is your chance to have unlimited access to the audio recordings and transcripts of each and every call along with the bonues. This is a total of 63 downloadable items for about $1.53 each!

22 cd

(Download Only)

In fact, this may be your ONLY opportunity to get these recordings and transcripts at this outrageously-low price ever.

When we're done with this series and word gets out about how valuable these calls have been, I'll probably turn this information into a product that will sell for many hundreds of dollars and still be a bargain!

But, you can be absolutely certain of this -- you may never ever see these audio recordings and transcripts offered for anything as low as $97 again.

In fact, there's a very real possibility that the response will be so overwhelming, that I'll even remove the extra "goodies" that I'm going to give you for free when you sign up for this Insider Upgrade today.

Life-Changing Advice About 
How To Create Wealth

These calls will be more--much more-- than just a captivating 60 to 90 minute phone call that gives you the easiest and most efficient shortcuts to creating wealth while doing what inspires you..

I want these to be more than just phone calls--I want them to be an inspiring and life-transforming event--one that you'll look back on years from now as a life-changing milestone in either your personal bank account or in your coaching care --or both-- a time when you took a quantum leap in both your ability to see how easy it can be to create wealth, and if you are a fellow success or life coach, to also deliver superior results to your clients.

That's why I'm concerned that you might miss (or already have missed) some of the calls.

That's why I'm concerned that you might forget or miss some of the crucial yet simple strategies that these experts will give during the calls--because so much good stuff will be coming at you so darn fast.

That's why I want you to be able to review what you're going to hear on these calls again and again and again. If fact it's essential that you are able to review this training.

And that's why I sincerely believe that it's so important for you to take advantage of this limited-time offer to get the downloads of these professionally produced audio recordings and transcripts of all the calls.

You'll have the very best wealth building secrets from 28 of the most successful wealth coaches in the world--right at your fingertips forever!

You'll be able to listen to each interview on your iPod, mp3 player, or in your car, or read these 30 day plans and ideas over and over again--on your couch, at your desk, wherever-- any time and any where you choose -- for as long as you wish.

And you'll get it all for just $97 or 3 installments of $37 today, while everyone else will soon gladly be paying much, much more.

But this "Insider Upgrade" is a limited-time offer, and literally, your last chance to get these audio's and transcripts for this price.

Good Deal or GREAT Deal -- You Decide

Sure, you can listen to every single one of the calls absolutely free. And that's a pretty good deal!

But if you miss all or even part of a single minute of any call -- if nature calls or there's a family emergency or a child's game runs overtime...if you want to listen to a call again -- any call again...if you want to read a transcript of a call at leisure ...you'll be out of luck. Or you'll have to fork over a whole lot more money.

But if you miss all or even part of a single minute of any call -- if nature calls or there's a family emergency or a child's game runs overtime...if you want to listen to a call again -- any call again...if you want to read a transcript of a call at leisure ...you'll be out of luck. Or you'll have to fork over a whole lot more money.

Instead, here's your really GREAT deal: Take advantage of this Insider Upgrade right now and you can download every single hour of these cash-inducing, life-transforming, "spill-their-guts" conversations with the world's top wealth coaches to listen to any time you want.

Not only that, you'll get hundreds of pages of transcripts so you can see, read, study, and digest their words and review their solid-gold advice over and over and over again.

In other words, you'll have continuous access to the ideas and advice that can take your monthly cash-flow (and your lifestyle!) to the next level and beyond -- more quickly and easily than you ever thought possible.

All for only $97 or 3 installments of $37.

Here's A Few Of Your
World-Class Coaches!

  • Dr. John Demartini reveals how building wealth that endures beyond a lifetime is an exact science. In this powerful call Dr. Demartini will demonstrate how the laws of physics and the history of human civilization leave behind an exact blueprint for success and freedom...
  • Les Brown shows you a dirt simple method to speak your way to unlimited wealth, using only the skills you already have!
  • John Assaraf reveals how you can tap into your sub-conscious mind to accidentally hit all your goals, "stumble upon" success, and *effortlessly* generate wealth all without lifting a finger...
  • George Antone finally reveals the secrets that banks have known about for centuries that let you unlock passive income without using your own money or credit...
  • Dr. Joe Rubino teaches the *Most Crucial* Element to Achieve Success, Happiness, Wealth and Balance in Life, AND What 85% of Us Lack which is absolutely Essential for Living a Fulfilling Life!
  • Janet Attwood reveals how you can create tremendous wealth while doing what you love every day... find out for yourself how easy it is to succeed when you're *passionate* about what you're doing!
  • DC Cordova teaches you her proven scientific methods of accelerated learning...She has used these brainpower secrets to permanently rewire over 70,000 peoples brains to think like multi-millionaires ... including some of the wealthiest people on the planet...
  • Dr. Robert Anthony driven on a journey of discovery, testing and confirming THE EFFORTLESS KEY TO LIFE, the secret of all secrets... now reveals the missing puzzle piece is so elegant and simple, that with it you absolutely cannot fail...
  • Harrison Klein Master of universal laws, shows you the secret "wealth attracting" technique used consciously and unconsciously by the wealthiest people of all time. This one master technique can effortlessly be used to attain anything you want...
  • Dr. Andy Fuehl shares his 3 step, hyper-effective formula for creating a business around your purpose in life, even if you have zero start up money (following this formula could save you from a lifetime of slaving away at your JOB or as I call it, your "Just-Over-Broke")!
  • Stephanie Frank divulges how to immediately slash your working hours in half and get twice as much done, along with the "must-have" building blocks required for entrepreneurial success and much more...
  • Marie Diamond Feng Shui Master and featured teacher in the hit movie "The Secret", will show you how to make simple changes in your home or office to "amp up" your money making power. The secrets you are about to learn are so effective that her list of clients includes some of the wealthiest and most influential people in the world...
  • Lisa Jimenez unlocks the keys to making your bank account grow to titanic proportions and create almost effortless success as you learn how to stop procrastination, reject-rejection, eliminate your hidden fears, absolutely shatter your self-limiting beliefs...
  • Jim Britt Learn about one trait Jim discovered over 30 years ago that has proven to be the number one key to financial success....and listen in as Jim literally blows the doors off of your earning power...
  • Darius Barazandeh will show you how to Avoid a "Little Known" Tax Trap that can Cost You Almost 50% of Your Earnings!, LEGALLY LEVERAGE the experience of others to DOUBLE, TRIPLE and Quadruple Your EARNINGS NOW! and how to create a business structure that will Put the "Freeze" on Lawsuit Filings for Business Disputes!
  • Richeli Goldsborough uncovers the secrets of how to design, fund and live a thrilling life as well as something he learned from his recent interviews with Billionaires. Discover "the DARK SIDE" that drives success...
  • Ed King will show you exactly, step by step how to profitably start and run ANY small business. With 35 years of consulting experience working with Fortune 500 companies and small business people like you, Ed can solve any problem you have in less than 90 seconds.

Why Am I Selling These Valuable Audio's and
Transcripts for So Little Right Now?

Because I am fascinated by how easy some people are able make money. And I bet you are too. And if you aren't, you will be after you apply what you hear on these calls and stand back in wonder at how rapidly your bank account grows and your peace of mind improves improves. So, I want to make it easy, real easy -- an absolute "no-brainer" for you to get permanent access to these audio's and transcripts.

Because the reality is, the more you listen to these calls -- to hear them again and again, to hear all the little training nuggets, the pieces of gold that you missed the first time -- the faster you'll be able to implement the ideas and advice in each to skyrocket your financial independence (and even your business).

In no time at all, you'll start blasting through sticking points and financial plateaus. And your investment will be repaid many, many, many times over as you experience greater financial freedom, and gain more confidence from this accelerated wealth coaching series. (And when that happens, perhaps you'll be willing to send me your success story so I can use it to promote this product when I turn it into a high-priced course.)

It's your choice. But please remember: This is literally a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that you may not see again.


Special FREE Bonuses!

I want to make ordering these digital audio's and transcripts the easiest decision you've ever made. So, to make it the proverbial "no-brainer", I'm "sweetening the pot" with a bunch of free bonuses you can download immediately that are worth many times your small investment:

FREE BONUS #1 -- Wealth Secrets is a collection of 4 ebooks that are hand picked exclusively for the 30 Day Wealth Maps series ranging from how the exact science behind how people become wealthy to the clearest simplest understanding I have ever discovered, that explains how to immediately take control of your life. Which ebooks are they? That's my secret to keep and yours to find out when you purchase 30 DAY WEALTH MAPS Insider Upgrade. These ebooks are A $97 value.

FREE BONUS #2 -- As if the Wealth Secrets wasn't already amazing, I'm also including 3 of my favorite training's from The Greatest Living Success Coaches interview series called the Rich Life Series. This is a specially designed collection of 3 training's, I hand picked exclusively for this series, on everything from designing workouts for maximum fat loss to training athletes for speed-strength to "Removing the Negative". Sound intriguing? You'll discover not only these wealth nuggets, but many, many more. (Let's just put it this way--if you consulted with each of these 3 wealth coaches who contributed to this collection, you'd pay at least $1,000 per call making this bonus worth well over $3,000, but I will reasonably value them at $97.


Reserve your audio's and transcripts right now and you can download and start benefiting from this incredible collection of gifts immediately.

91-Day- Ironclad Money-Back Guarantee

In fact, I'm so sure, so certain that the information in these recordings and transcripts will help revolutionize your wealth building and is far more valuable than their cost, that I guarantee it:

If for ANY reason you are not completely satisfied "30 Day Wealth Maps" even I you don’t like my voice on the recordings just send me a personal email any time in the next 91 days for a full and prompt refund and I will insist you keep all my bonus gifts for you FREE just for giving "30 Day Wealth Maps" an honest evaluation.

Yes Lance, Count Me In, I want Instant lifetime access to all 63 downloadable items including these 28 Wealth Maps.

I also realize that in the current economy having to pay for the recordings all at once might stretch your current budget a little bit. So I am going to make it easy for any budget.

If you decide that it’s not for you - for ANY REASON - just let me know and you pay NOTHING.

I truly want to help you create more wealth. I get emails every day from people who are using these calls to improve their success and I want to help you too. At $1.53 per item I know I need to jump on this now.

Simply click on one of the gray buttons below and you will be able to checkout and start downloading everything immediately.

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So now you have so very much to gain by requesting this Insider Upgrade! Of course, no matter what you decide, I look forward to welcoming you on the calls.

All the Best,


P. S. With the economy as it is, it's more important now than ever to leverage your time and energy to accomplish your financial goals. That's exactly what these calls will enable you to do. But why not maximize your leverage? Having unlimited access to the audio's and transcripts will let you do just that beyond a shadow of a doubt!

P.O. In the 30 Day Wealth Maps Teleseminar Series you'll hear from SO many experts on creating wealth!  But that's a double edged sword, really.  Although you'll have all these great strategies, keeping them all straight so that you can APPLY THEM and TAKE ACTION on them can be a bit overwhelming -- and that's why you absolutely NEED the mp3 recordings and transcripts of all the calls!  You'll find it so much easier to apply everything that you learn and use it to GET RESULTS!  After all, that's what it's all about in the end, right? Results.


NOTE: The 30 Day Wealth Maps Teleseminar Series MP3, Transcripts, and Special Bonuses are delivered in digital format via Downloadable MP3 Audio's and Instantly Downloadable PDF's. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to the member's download area where you can download all the deliverables and all the bonuses right onto your computer. The downloadable documents are Adobe Acrobat PDF's, which can be viewed on Mac or PC with a Free Program called "Adobe Acrobat Reader".  Note that the mp3's and PDF's will not be available until after each expert's teleconference occurs.  As they become available, they will be added to the special member's download area for you to download, enjoy and learn from!

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